The Exhibition

What is it? Year 6 recently completed the exhibition. The exhibition is a project which is spread over 6 weeks. In most years for UOI (unit of inquiry) the teachers do most of the planning and choosing of the topic. This is how the exhibition is different. In the exhibition the students run the project. […]


Hi guys, For the current year 6’s in 2017 high school is rapidly approaching. This means most students have to go to their school in 2018 for orientation. At my school orientation is when all girls (new and old) are introduced to the school. This means they have to undergo tests to place them in […]

Paul Fletcher Visit

Hi Everyone, Last week an MP (member of parliament) came to visit us at school. This was Paul Fletcher he works under the Bradfield in NSW. It is the same electorate that our school is in. If you don’t know what an electorate it is it is in an area that has a group of […]

The Athletics Carnival

The girls sprinted down the finish line, the wind in their hair and the girls on the sidelines screaming louder than ever! Sound familiar? For me in one sentence this describes the athletics carnival. Recently in the junior school we had the annual school athletics carnival. Girls were transported on the school coaches to the […]

Another Reflection…

My passion project is now completed and I am pleased with the outcome. There are things that enjoyed the most, things I learnt, things I would do differently and definitely some outstanding projects. All these things made my passion project a really fun experience. I really enjoyed presenting my work, because I was proud of […]

Passion Project Week 7

Hi guys, It is now the 7th and final week of the passion project task and I think I am doing quite well. Throughout this process I feel I have done really well. I have completed my task and I know I have learnt a few skills, although there have been multiple positive and negative […]

In Australia we celebrate reconciliation week. It is a time where we acknowledge all the Aboriginal people and celebrate them being able to vote and the referendum. 2017’s theme for reconciliation week is “take the next steps”. In our everyday life we can think about how we can change our actions towards Aboriginals and actually […]

Passion Project Week 6

  Hi guys, Before I begin I have to admit something. My original plan was to make 3 different designs using the three different ways of screen-printing, but now I think that I have made too many things for me to do in the 7 week time frame. I am proud with the amount of […]

Passion Project Week 5

Hi guys, It’s week 5 of my passion project and yesterday I screen-printed 29 shirts! I have made one for everyone in my family which is around 35 people including kids and adults. This took around 2 hrs for 29 shirts but was totally worth it! The reason I have made this is because it […]

Passion Project Post Week 4

Hi guys, It has been 3 weeks since I have started my passion project and I have already made 1 design and many t-shirts (pictures below)! Screen Printing is challenging as there are many steps to it and you need some adult help. Here they are in order, next week I will have the steps […]